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You can cash out the money accumulated in your account at your request for your student's school-related fees, activities and organizations which enhance his/her education at FHE.*


Funds will only be paid to FHE organizations and cannot be paid to benefit parents or non-FHE students.

Things you can cash out for:

  • Pay-to-Play Athletic Fees

  • Pay-to-Play Required Uniforms 

  • Classroom Books and Fees

  • AP Class Fees

  • Band Trips

  • Choir Trips

  • Orchestra Trips

  • National Honor Society

  • Field Trips 

  • Senior Fees

  • Senior After-Graduation Party

  • Lock-ins 

  • Lunch Money 

  • Parking Pass

  • Yearbook

  • School Spirit Wear

You can request a cash out here.

* Approval for all cash outs is determined by State and Federal Laws governing non-profit organizations, and is at the discretion of the FHE Scrip board members.


"Scrip seemed overwhelming until a friend told me to start by only ordering gas & grocery cards.  Once I became accustom to ordering, I started adding more to my order.  Now, almost everything I buy is with a Scrip card."


"I've been ordering Scrip for 1 year and have generated over $1000 in revenue.  The revenue paid for my daughters FHE Choir Disney Trip."


"I have participated in Scrip for over 4 years. Because of the rebate money I've earned I have not paid for any FHE expenses out of my own pocket during that time."

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