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Shopping and ordering Scrip is easy! 

There are 4 different types of gift cards. Not all types of cards are available for all retailers. 

All cards are paid for online.

  • Physical Cards Purchased online, picked up at the FHE office. View the calendar for cutoff deadlines for ordering. 

  • ScripNow! Funds are available for immediate use (electronic cards are emailed).

  • Reload Reload previously purchased plastic cards. May take up to 24 hours for funds to become available.

  • ReloadNow! Reload previously purchased plastic cards, funds available immediately.


There are 2 ways to place your order:


A $1.00 administrative fee will be deducted from your family's cash back account if you order during any order cycle. You can see our order cycles on the Calendar.  


You may order as often as you like during any cycle, including unlimited plastic, ScripNow! and Reload, and the fee per cycle will still be only $1.00.  


If you don't place any orders during a cycle, you will not be charged.  


Since we have roughly two order cycles per month, a family's monthly administrative fee will not exceed $2.00.  


*Please note: any fees charged by Scrip for paying on the app (currently .15 cents per order) are in addition to the FHE Scrip Program's Administrative Fee.  


Orders that are placed by 3:00 pm on scheduled Thursdays should be ready for pick up in the FHE main office by 11:00 am on the following Thursday.


Questions?  Feel free to Contact Us.


If you have not signed up for Scrip yet, please go here to sign up.



Barnes & Noble - 9%
Lands' End - 16%
Macy's - 10%
AMC Theatres - 10%
Chili's/ Macaroni Grill/
On the Border/ Maggiano's - 11%
View the full list here.
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