Signing up for Scrip creates a family account for your entire time at FHE.  Yearly renewal is not required.  If you have signed up after the fall of 2005, your registration is still current regardless of whether you've used Scrip. 


Signing up allows you to direct your family's cash back account to pay for your FHE student's approved school-related fees.


If you are currently signed up and need to make changes to your account information, please email the Treasurer and enter "Changes to My Scrip Account" in the subject line.


You must complete all of the steps below to fully enroll.

1. Sign up with FHE Scrip here.

​2. Go to and click "Join a Program" to sign up for Scrip:

  • Enter FHE’s enrollment code: 4361FCD98431

  • Fill out all necessary fields to complete registration.

  • ​Stay logged in so that you can create your PrestoPay account. This is how you will pay electronically for Scrip. You must complete this step, as it is the only way to pay for Scrip. Paper checks and cash are not accepted.  

  • Complete the PrestoPay sign up process, which is instant, and then you'll be ready to go!



You can also request more information with this form:

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