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Let's make it simple: you already buy groceries, gas, clothing and shop online every month.
With Scrip, you purchase dollar for dollar gift cards and use them to make the same purchases you already do, except that you get a percentage in cash back that is deposited into a student's account to use towards things like sports pay-to-play, lunches, field trips, class trips and more while your children attend Eastern.
Each Scrip gift card you buy earns cash back for your student to be used for school-related fees such as FHE Middle School and High School lunches, athletic fees, required uniforms, classroom books and fees, school trips, school clubs, senior commencement fees, band, choir and orchestra fees - just to name a few.  

Below is an example of how much cash back can be generated for your family.

Scrip has over 650 retailers including Meijer, Celebration Cinema, Panera Bread, Lowe’s, Wendy’s, Speedway, Starbucks, iTunes.  When you purchase Scrip from participating retailers, you receive the same gift cards you would buy at the store.  To see the full list of retailers, click here.

By shopping with gift cards purchased through FHE Scrip, your family can earn cash back from everyday purchases like food, gas, clothing, utilities and entertainment to be deposited into your student/ family's account.  
You can join the program anytime, even when your child is in elementary, and start accumulating money in your account. 

The Great Lakes Scrip Center ( acts on behalf of churches, schools and other non‑profit organizations to purchase large amounts of Scrip (gift cards) from grocery stores, department stores and other retailers at a discounted price. You purchase and receive gift cards at full face value then GLSC passes the additional cash back percentage of your purchase on to you.

You can begin cashing out your money to educational expenses as soon as your child(ren) begin attending Forest Hills Eastern in 7th grade.


Scrip orders for plastic cards are placed roughly every other week. Orders placed by 3:00 pm on scheduled Thursdays should be ready for pick up in the FHE main office by 11:00 am the following Thursday.  


All orders must be paid on the RaiseRight app. Checks are NOT accepted. 


ScripNow! cards for immediate use (no need to purchase and pick up plastic cards), or reload previously purchased cards from selected vendors.


To learn more about Scrip and to sign up, please click here.

For requently asked questions, please click here.


For current order dates and times, please view our calendar.


The FHE Scrip Program has proven to be a simple and effective program to help you earn cash back from everyday purchases to help cover education related costs! 

If you have any questions, please email the Scrip Board.  We look forward to helping you raise funds for your student’s individual needs!


-FHE Scrip Board





Chipotle - 10%
Buffalo Wild Wings - 8%
All Gap Brands - 14%
Starbucks - 7%
Meijer - 3% - 3%
View the full list here.
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